Grußnote des Ehrenpräsidenten von WIFNO, Ed Beck

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the leadership of WIFNO for carrying on the important mission of elevating the discussion of the Middle East on campuses in their roles as leaders and mentors in the academic and general community. The important narratives necessary to understand and resolved have been hijacked by extremists on all sides clouding difficult dialogues to resolve the thorny issues that divide. Using the discipline of science and fact based discussion, WIFNO is dedicated to clarify the issues that divide and working towards discussion for peaceful resolution. I am honored and proud to be named an honorary member and President of this group and wish it every success as it launches its rededicated effort.

I am inviting members of WIFNO to consider joining and subscribing to another international groups of intellectuals, scientists and academics which is rededicating itself to this agenda at the International Grass Roots Faculty Committee for Academic Freedom and Integrity which welcomes scholars of all disciplines, ethnicities, political persuasions and orientation who are committed to resisting and diverting academic boycotts, divestments and sanctions based on discrimination because of national origin. Such boycotts have no place in academia and only contribute and confound difficult and complex issues by censoring academic freedom rather than airing multiple perspectives on difficult issues. To join, simply send an email, with your name and institutional affiliation to  to subscribe to our Big Tent News and come and visit us on Facebook  at  We welcome you. Again, many thanks.

Dr. Edward S. Beck; Ehrenpräsident von WIFNO,
Steering Committee Coordinator and
Editor IGRFCAFI Big Tent News of the International Grassroots Faculty for Academic Freedom and Integrity
Retired Counselor and Psychologist Educator, Walden and Penn State Universities

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